How much does it cost for your services?

We work on a commission basis. We get paid when money is recovered. No collection – No charge.

Do you sue consumers?

When a consumer does not voluntarily pay an account it can be sent to our attorneys to litigate. When this method of collection is used we pay the court costs and attorney fees.

When do we get our money?

At the end of each month client reports are generated for all money collected during the month. Remittance is delivered or mailed thereafter.

What if a consumer pays us?

Simply contact our office so we may credit the account.

Is a contract required for your services?

A contract is required prior to serving you. We provide the contract and explain in detail during our initial meeting with you.

How do we place accounts with your firm?

We can accommodate any type of placement. You may send by mail, phone, fax, electronically, or call for pick up.

Are you able to find people?

Sometimes this is the first step to collection. We have numerous resources to find someone.

Do you collect bad checks?

Yes. We accept checks for collection that were not honored due to NSF or closed account.

What form of payment do you accept?

We have the following options for making payment: credit and debit card, electronic funds transfer from checking or saving accounts over the phone, pay by mail, in our office or in our drop box.